Oakland Baptist Church
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Congregation Access to ChurchTrac – The Church Management System

ChurchTrac is the software that we use to manage the administrative functions of our church.  This includes church membership, Sunday School classes and attendance, the operational and designated gifts budgets, financial giving, a pictorial directory, and other functions.

ChurchTrac does not run on the church computer in the office, it runs in a secured data center operated by the software vendor.  We access ChurchTrac over the internet. As a member of Oakland Baptist church you can use a feature called Congregation Access from your home computer or with your Smart Phone to access your personal data and the directory.

So let’s get started.

1)      Use your computer or Smart Phone to access: Click here or copy and paste the following in your search bar:  https://www.churchtrac.com/members?ui=432D2189

2)      First time you sign on - DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL ID AND PASSWORD.


3)      Then enter your email id (see note at bottom) and the random numbers that are displayed, and press Continue

4)      Shortly, you will receive an email from ChurchTrac Support.  Read that email and make note of the Passcode.  Save this email.  The Passcode is your Password.

5)      Now enter your email id and Passcode which is case sensitive (Passcode cannot be changed).

6)      You will be in ChurchTrac, Congregation Access and your Profile will be displayed.

7)      Here is what you can do:

  • Profile – update birthday (if we have it wrong), change phone numbers and address, etc.  You can do this for yourself and your family members.
  • Directory – This is a report that you can view on the screen or send to your printer.
  • Photo Directory* – You can see all of the smiling faces of Oakland Baptist Church.
  • Giving History – If you support the church with a check or your name on an envelope, you can view your financial giving and that of the other family names listed in your Profile.  You cannot view the financial giving of any other person or family.
  • Calendar – This is the church events (not yet being used).
  • Sign Out – When done, select Sign Out, do not simply drop your internet connection.

Email Id Note:  If you did not provide your email id to the project team, then this will not work until a system administrator enters your email id in your profile. 

*  Pictures not yet loaded

Questions:  Tom Sutterfield:  556-3836    - or -   Ron Taylor:  556-3519